FLW Pro’s List


Lionel Botha

lionel botha

  • Career Earnings: $ 70,794
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 4
  • Total Events Fished: 41
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 2




Glenn Browne

glenn browneHailing from Ocala, Fla., Browne feels at home on southern lakes and cites the Kissimmee chain as his favorite water to fish. He loves flipping and pitching and successfully notched his first Tour win at the Fort Loudoun/Tellico lakes event in 2010.

  • Career Earnings: $ 916,300
  • Career Tournament Wins: 4
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 24
  • Total Events Fished: 143
  • Cup Appearances: 6
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 10


Glenn Chappelear

glenn chappelearGlenn Chappelear, an ordained minister, grew up fishing for catfish near Greenville, S.C. Now residing in Acworth, Ga., Chappelear has fished the FLW Tour every year since 2001. His largest day’s catch came back in his first year of fishing at Santee Cooper.

Glenn has been married to his wife for almost 20 years, and they currently have three children. When not on Tour, Chappelear enjoys hunting, reading the bible and volunteering at his local Children’s Home and Homeless Shelter. During the late summer and fall Chappelear organizes hunting outreach events for Sportsmen’s Outreach.

  • FLW Career Earnings: $ 204,278
  • FLW Championship Appearances: 2
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 13


Tony Dumitras

Tony Dumitras2013 is Dumitras’s first year fishing the FLW Tour from the front of the boat. He has fished the Tour as a co-angler for five years. Dumitras was extremely close to winning his first event with FLW at Kentucky Lake in 2011, but ended up finishing second by a mere four ounces.

When not fishing, Tony enjoys spending time in the outdoors. He loves riding his Harley motorcycle with his wife Debbie.

  • FLW Career Earnings: $10,167
  • FLW Career Top-10 Finishes: 1
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 1


Marc Evans


  • Career Earnings: $ 11,287
  • Total Events Fished: 19
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 2


Jeff Gustafson

jeff gustafsonGustafson, also known as “Gussy”, is one of the few Canadian angler to fish the FLW Tour in 2013. He grew up on the shores of Lake of the Woods on the Canada/US border. Gussy guides in all seasons, both fishing and deer and wolf hunting. Gussy fished his first bass tournament when he was 10 years old. He is also the host of a TV fishing program in Canada called “Fishing with Gussy”.

2012 was his rookie year fishing with FLW, and he began by fishing all four FLW Tour Opens. He ended up finished 14th overall in the Open Angler of the Year points standings with his best finish coming at Lake Okeechobee.

  • FLW Career Earnings: $53,325


Anthony Hunt

Anthony Hunt resized for website

Professional Bass Tournament Fisherman
Corporate Pastry Chef, The Restaurant People (TRP)

Positioned to become the next big name in the world of Professional Bass Fishing, acclaimed South Florida pastry chef Anthony Hunt is one to keep on the radar. Known as 5oz. on the Fishing League Worldwide (FLW) Pro Bass Tournament Fishing circuit, Hunt acquired his love for the outdoors and the sport of bass fishing at the age of five. Growing up in a household of five boys and one super mom leading the pack, his competitive streak came early as he constantly practiced to surpass his older brother, Arblee, who was the stronger natural talent when it came to both fishing and the brother’s other shared passion—cooking.

At an early age, Anthony understood the need for education and cultural growth. In 1994, he and older brother Arblee left their native Laurel, Delaware, to pursue their culinary aspirations. Four years of culinary school and various stints in Pennsylvania, Maryland, California and South Florida have forged Anthony in to becoming one of the top private and professional career chefs in the business. Anthony attributes his father and uncle on having the biggest influence in his chosen career path (both served in the military and were chefs), but his main reason for working so hard and becoming a professional chef was ultimately to be able to pay for his first love—fishing.

Today, with four wonderful children and a successful career as a private chef, Anthony finds himself more driven and focused than ever. In addition to his 14-year career as a professional tournament bass fisherman, he also serves as Corporate Pastry Chef for The Restaurant People (TRP)—South Florida’s premier dining, hospitality and entertainment company whose restaurants include the likes of YOLO, Tarpon Bend Food & Tackle, Fork & Balls and S3. Additionally, Anthony is dedicated to teaching advanced culinary techniques to hobbyists and professionals alike for which he major passion for.

Wearing his chef hat, Anthony has held such esteemed positions as Executive Chef, Pastry Chef and Head Baker at the Four Seasons in Brickell and Palm Beach, and he has made a lucrative career as a private chef, serving a loyal and affluent Miami client base in the areas of Star Island, San Marino Drive and 1 and 2 Island—and has even cooked for such well-known athletes and celebrities as Ray Allen, Venus Williams, Puff Daddy and Jamie Foxx.

On the Pro Tournament Bass Fishing circuit, Anthony has made a huge impact and name for himself over the past 14 years, receiving such honors and achievements as becoming an FLW Outdoors Forest Wood Cup Championship Qualifier and being ranked the #1 Co-Angler in the world in 2012. He has also enjoyed watching his eight-year-old follow in his footsteps, winning two youth fishing tournaments back-to-back in 2014, and he is currently in the process of branding his own line of bass fishing clothing and gear.

Having worked so hard to achieve his ultimate career goals and follow his passions, Anthony realizes the importance of giving back to and supporting others less fortunate to do the same. To that end, he donates his time and efforts to local organizations such as the Heart Gallery and New Born Charity, and is also a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Anthony truly believes that teaching a child to fish and cook can save lives, and his ultimate goal is to one day start his own charity for inner-city youth that would educate and engage them with both of his passions.

Anthony attended Treasure Island Culinary School in San Francisco, Cal., where he majored in Baking, Pastry and Cooking, and Baltimore International Culinary College (B.I.C.C.) in Maryland where he studied Food & Beverage. He currently resides in Plantation, Fla., with his wife, Kelly; sons, Aandrace, 13; Marlei, 8; and Milo, 3; and newborn daughter, Clara.


Jim Jones

jim jones






Cody Kelley

cody kelley

  • Career Earnings: $ 55,789
  • Career Tournament Wins: 1
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 4
  • Total Events Fished: 48
  • Cup Appearances: 1
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 1


Harry Moore

harry mooreMoore can be considered one of the veterans of FLW, having fished over 100 events since 1995. Moore made the jump to Tour level competition in 2011 after qualifying through the FLW Opens. In 2009 Moore qualified for the Rayovac Championship. Retired from the Southern Company, Moore is married to his wife Paulette who travels with him to most tournaments. Together, they have one son and two granddaughters and the whole family all enjoy fishing. Moore also has experience coaching youth soccer.




Pete Ponds

pete ponds

  • Career Earnings: $ 41,416
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 2
  • Total Events Fished: 23
  • FLW Championship Appearances: 2
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 2




Curtis Richardson

curtis richardson

  • Career Earnings: $ 137,937
  • Career Tournament Wins: 1
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 2
  • Total Events Fished: 17
  • Cup Appearances: 1




Darrel Robertson

Robertson is considered one of the most experienced anglers on the Tour, having fished with FLW every year since 1997. He has achieved just about every award there is to achieve on Tour and in 1999, not only did he win the Forrest Wood Cup on Fort Gibson Lake, he also won the Ranger M1 Millennium, which was at the time the richest bass tournament in the world.

His favorite body of water is Sam Rayburn Reservoir and although he claims not to have a favorite technique, he loves to Texas rig a worm or jig fish. One of his most memorable fishing moments came when he lost the 2005 Beaver Lake Tournament by 9 ounces. “I had the winning fish on my line on the last cast, but when I swung it in it bounced off the windshield of the boat and fell back into the water. It would have given me the victory. That was a $100,000 fish!”

When not fishing, Robertson enjoys hunting on his property with his daughters, sons-in-law, and grandkids. They hunt white tail deer and wild hogs in archery and rifle season. They also look forward every year to the wild game feed at their home the closing weekend of rifle season, celebrating with 60-70 friends and family.

  • Career Earnings: $1,762,638
  • Career Tournament Wins: 2
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 22
  • FLW Championship Appearances: 8
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 17


Mike Surman

Mike SurmanFishing professionally since 1990, Mike won the first FLW Tour event on Lake Okeechobee in January of 1996, and recorded a career-high third-place finish in the Angler of the Year race just a year after finishing seventh. With 19 Top-10 finishes over the years in FLW tournaments, Mike has earned over $500,000 in FLW career earnings. In bass tournaments since 1990 Mike has won over 50 local and regional tournaments and his total career earnings exceeds $830,000. His largest one day’s catch came on the FLW Tour Lake Okeechobee event in 2003 – a whopping 27 lbs, 6 oz! His largest bass weighed to win a Big Bass award in an FLW event was 9 lbs. 14 oz., and his largest bass ever was a 12 lb. 4 oz. lunker from Lake Okeechobee.

As host of All About Fishing, which aired on The Outdoor Channel from 2003-2006, Mike had the opportunity to travel worldwide fishing with some of the legends of bass fishing. Costa Rica, Mexico, Virginia, Florida and Brazil were just some of the locations he enjoyed traveling to where he caught Marlin, Peacock Bass, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Stripers and Sailfish (just to name a few).

Married, with 3 children, Mike is also a full-time electrical sales engineer for Siemens, where he has been a top performing salesman for his 30+ years with the company.

  • FLW Career Earnings: $ 557,560
  • FLW Career Tournament Wins: 1
  • FLW Career Top-10 Finishes: 19
  • FLW Championship Appearances: 5
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 18


Austin Terry

After a solid rookie season on the FLW Tour, Terry followd it up with a very impressive top-20 AOY finish. Since joining FLW in 2007, Terry has fished the EverStart Series Texas Division exclusively. In 2012, Terry notched an incredible series of finishes, including a 6th-, 8th-, and 9th-place result. This was his best season to date and it gave him the confidence to move up to the next level of FLW fishing. He won his first EverStart event in 2013 at Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas.

  • Career Earnings: $ 169,103
  • Career Tournament Wins: 1
  • Career Top-10 Finishes: 4
  • Total Events Fished: 36
  • Cup Appearances: 1
  • Years as FLW Tour Pro: 3